2in1 Car Anti Glare


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Car sun visor anti-glare anti-ultraviolet fold down flip down high-definition clear view visor clarity useful visor toughness to 




Size: 32×11×0.2cm

Materials: Acrylic

Suitable models: Universal type


100% UV Protection

Designed for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Easy Installation & Adjustable

Anti-impact: 10 times stronger than ordinary safety resin sheet 60 times stronger than glass, an effective solution to the traditional driver mirror lenses impact resistance is poor.

You can use it with or without your sunglasses.

The yellow shade cut down on all the glare coming from oncoming headlights and from store signs.

The gray or daytime filter helps to cut glare from sunlight reflected into your visual field and can enhance your vision even if you're wearing sunglasses.

Why You Need Anti-Glare car Visor?

Reduce the effect of sun glare.

Block up to 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.

Improve contrast and ensure clear views.

Eliminate eye tiredness, and vision degradation.

Stay safe and drive comfortably, greatly enhance the driving experience.


1. Do not approach the anti-glare filter by hands, avoid leaving fingerprints on obstruct the line of sight;

2. When installing, gently push for edge portion of the anti-glare sheet by hand;

3. Gently sweep with a soft small brush when dust is too much, or blow off the dust with a blower;

4. Do not wipe with a coarse cloth or a dirty cloth;

5. This product has protective film on both sides, please remove the protective film before use.

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