6pcs Premium Tap Bit Set


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They are taps with drilling function, used to drill a hole and cut new threads at the same time.

The thread drilled by the drill is very reliable. Even if you do not use an electric drill, you can easily screw in the screws just by hand, saving a lot of work time.

It Uses High-Speed Steel 6542 and 4341 material, higher hardness, more durable, can be used for drilling the steel plate even the 2mm 304 steel plate.

Applicable to some types of carbon steel and ordinary steel, copper and aluminum-magnesium alloy drilling hole. Six different sizes of drill bits can help you get different sized holes.

  • Saving time and no more hassle with your project

Drill  Tap  Countersink

Product Description:

  • Complete hole drilling, tapping, deburring and countersinking in one operation with power drill saves labor and time
  • Back tapered beyond tap to prevent thread damage from over-drilling
  • Deburr/countersink also provided on bit beyond back taper
  • Made from hardened high-speed steel 4341 vs carbon steel for longer life
  • Designed to tap up to 10-gauge metal
  • Self-Centering point, do not need assistant center drilling or center punching.


One bit that does it all. Drill, Tap and Countersink in a single operation.

Premium Hex Shank Hand Tap Drill Bit Set combination bits for drilling, tapping, and countersinking - all with one bit.

Tap Drill Bit combination bits are a high-quality solution when you need to drill, tap, and countersink a hole quickly and accurately.

Previously to create a threaded hole you would have to perform three separate operations, each requiring its own tool: a drill bit, a tap, and a countersink tool.

The Tap Drill Bit combination bits perform all three operations with one bit, providing you with the same accuracy and power in a simple, fast, and easy-to-use package. A quick change adapter is also included to help you to drill, tap, and countersink, and even drive fasteners even faster.

For use with up to 10-gauge mild steel, the Tap Drill Bit combination bits make drilling, tapping, and countersinking holes faster and easier than ever before.


  • Drill, tap and countersink in one quick and easy action
  • Just as precise and considerably faster than using standard bits, tapping, and countersinking tools
  • Hardened high-grade tool steel construction for use in up to 10-gauge metal
  • Back-tapered to avoid damage from over drilling
  • Strong hex shank ensures strong connection to drill
  • Quick change adapter included for easy bit switching

Set Size in Metric:


  • M3x0.5: Total length: 2.17", Spiral length: 0.46", Drill: 3MM (0.11")
  • M4x0.7: Total length: 2.13", Spiral length: 0.5", Drill: 4MM (0.13")
  • M5x0.8: Total length: 2.28", Spiral length: 0.575", Drill: 5MM (0.165")
  • M6x1: Total length: 2.28", Spiral length: 0.61", Drill: 6MM (0.2")
  • M8x1.25: Total length: 2.32", Spiral length: 0.755", Drill: 8MM (0.267")
  • M10x1.5: Total length: 2.32", Spiral length: 0.85", Drill: 10MM (0.33")
  • Square handle: 1/4"
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