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Digital Level Instrument, Magnetized Angle Level Measuring Instrument, Gradient Angle Instrument Angle Scale, Horizontal Scale

Product characteristics

1. Absolute origin function, high precision measurement with very low error;

2. Complete measurement at 360 degrees.

3. It has the function of keeping numerical value.

4. Conversion of relative measurement and absolute measurement;

5. When the horizontal ruler is inverted, the angle reading of the liquid crystal display will automatically flip upward to facilitate reading angle.

6. The product has the function of displaying the difference between angle and millimeter/1m, without complicated conversion.

7. Appropriate shape and size make it easy for users to carry and satisfy various measurements.

Application area
1. Railway system: train manufacturing, control automation improvement, rail level detection, etc.
2. Hydraulic system: dam detection, etc.
3. Military automation: missiles, tanks, artillery, aircraft, ships, etc.
4. Industrial automation: metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum exploration, light industry, coal, instrumentation, etc.
5. Automobile industry: four-wheel positioning, road surface control, engineering vehicle alignment;
6. Machinery industry: the level and position of mechanical worktable, lathe and cutting worktable;
7. Construction: pitch angle, rolling angle and inclination angle of construction equipment, slope detection of road and bridge, installation angle of stairs, etc.
8. Electronic communication industry: angle alignment of radar antenna, elevation measurement of satellite antenna and television receiver;
9. Others: Biology, medicine, robots and other fields that need to measure and control angles.

This product can replace or compliment a speed square, sliding bevel, level, digital level, combination square, builders protractor, Stanley quick square, 2 combination set tools, and often a builders square.

combines the functionality of a combination square, bevel, protractor, digital level and speed square, plus many very useful exclusive features into one compact easy to use tool. 

Mark accurate plumb cuts, birds mouth depth marks and seat cuts, without adjusting the tool or changing the tool's configuration.

Degree Scale
Rise & Run Scale
Hip-Valley scales for each of the front scales on the tools' reverse side 
350mm Metric blade
CNC Machined from solid Aluminium 
Protective Anodized finish

technical parameter
1. Resolution: 0.1°;
2. Accuracy: 0.2°;
3. Measuring range: 4 x 90°;
4. Working temperature: +5 -45°C;
5. Usage: The angle or slope of the level, outer angle and inclination used for measurement; drawing lines, reference, etc.

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