AIWILL Bluetooth Square Shape Intelligent Electronic Body Fat Scale/bathroom scale


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Body weight can be deceptive sometimes because it doesn’t really specify the weight from fat and the weight from muscles. Which is why you need a Body Fat Scale to show you how healthy you are! Our USB rechargeable Smart Body Fat Scale is just the scale you should be looking for!

It has a large LED display with the smart step-on technology that displays accurate health metrics!

With this smart Body Fat Scale, you can know your body fat rate at any time and use fat rate and weight rate as an indicator to quickly get an ideal figure!

It has a touch screen button that makes it easier for you to operate and use the body scale effortlessly.

With the help of a digital LED screen, you can check out your body fat scale instantly!

It has a 0.3 mm biological thin electrode sheet that lets you get accurate measurements of your body fat.

It provides precise measurement every time you step on the Body Scale.

You don’t even require an app connection because it lets you read the data from the body scale in a glance.

You need not have to bend over and it will automatically shut down after you are done checking your body fat scale.

It is a quick and easy way to check your body fats and stay healthy!

How to use a Body Fat Scale?

There is an LED screen that displays the body fat percentage. You can find the touch button just below the LED screen with the help of which you need to set certain parameters like age, height, weight, and gender. After which you should stand barefoot on the electrodes of the Body Scale and it displays fat, muscle, water, BMI, and an ideal scale for your reference.

How does the Body Fat Scale work?

This Body Fat Scale uses a technology called bioelectrical impedance to estimate how much fat your body has. As soon as you step on sensors of the scale, an unnoticeable electrical current passes up one leg, across the pelvis and then down the other leg.

Muscles conducts electricity better than fat does because it holds much more water than fat. This brings us to - the greater the resistance, the more body fat.

Further, the scale uses different formulas to calculate the total body-fat percentage from this resistance information, along with the other data like your height, age, weight, gender and so on.

Some amazing features of the Body Fat Scale…

  • The Body Fat Scale can accurately measure 15 types of data to fully understand the physical changes in your body. It includes fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, fat-free mass, protein, calorie, bone, overfat, average, under fat, BMI, ideal scale, water content, muscle, and much more!
  • It is about 23mm thin and is portable.
  • The top part of this body scale is made of explosion-proof high-strength tempered glass and rubber.
  • It has a built-in intelligent sensor system which can easily weigh your weight once you stand on it and responds quickly by displaying accurate data.
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