Car Scratch Remover


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1. Material: Slop wax.

2. Foam dimensions: 6.9cm*2.9cm*1.4cm.

3. Ingredients: abrasive materials, surface active agent, filling agent.

4. Scope of application: automotive paint removal side of mild scratches.

Model: Car Scratch & Swirl Remover
Usage: For car scratching paint care.
Under the principle of not hurting the paint surface, and remove mild scratches in the paint, and all kinds of stubborn attachments such as tar and GLUE to easily DIY paint color paint defects

First, paint clean and wiped dry.
Squeeze a small amount onto the sponge abrasives.
Appropriate force sanding scratches site.
Until the scratches disappear or shallow.
With a dry towel to wipe the clean finish.


Net Content: 15ml/60ml/120ml
Package Inclusion/s:
1pcs Car Scratch

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