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What If You Could Quickly And Easily Remove Any Decal, Sticker, Or Vinyl In Only Minutes?

If you've spent hours ruining your nails trying to remove decals or stickers but weren't happy with the results… this remover is perfect for you.

In minutes, this remover will gently power off your your decals...without any scrubbing!

Designed to remove vinyl decals, adhesives, pinstriping, and stickers from cars, trucks, RV’s, and windows.

Attach the included drill adapter to your rubber wheel and a household drill to quickly remove sun baked vinyl stickers and car wrappings in seconds.

Made out of soft rubber so it is safe to use on your car’s paint, however not suitable for plastic surfaces or painted aluminum, test discreet area first.

This Remover is the proven and most effective way quickly and easily to remove old baked on decals, stickers, and vinyl.  It will easily remove the toughest, hardest, meanest stickers and decals from cars, trucks and glass

Use our remover now: 

  • Without gouging or scratching the paint work
  • Without touching toxic chemicals, or skin irritating adhesives
  • Without spending hundreds of dollars on “pricey” equipment
  • Without damaging or harming the environment
  • Without wasting money on oomph-less removal sprays
  • Without tearing or wearing away your fingernails


  • How Long Does one wheel last? There is no simple answer. Depending on the Decal or Sticker age, manufacturer and conditions exposed will affect how long a wheel lasts. Generally, small writing, say 6 - 12? high, that goes 4 car door panels can be removed with 1 wheel. However, it may last a lot longer or shorter depending on the variables above
  • Can I use it on plastic surfaces? It is not recommended for plastic as can affect the surface. 
  • Can I use it on my cars painted surfaces? Yes ? if the paint work is factory finished (i.e. not a respray) then this works fine


Not suitable for plastic or fiberglass surfaces!


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