Elderly Walking Support Tool
Elderly Walking Support Tool
Elderly Walking Support Tool
Elderly Walking Support Tool
Elderly Walking Support Tool
Elderly Walking Support Tool

Elderly Walking Support Tool

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Bionic design in harmony with the human body: The walker uses a bionic design that looks like a human leg as a whole. When used, it is worn on the weak side of the body. It uses a rhythm that is in line with the human body to make up for the lack of muscle strength and uses natural gravity. Complete efficient and harmonious auxiliary exercises

Adjustable strength: The walking aid has three gears to choose from. Rotate clockwise to increase the strength. Naturally, obtain energy without charging

Simple and convenient: Designed for people with limited mobility, it can be worn with one hand. The whole wearing process only needs to fix two straps. Keep the under-knee fixation belt 1-2cm below the kneecap. After wearing, the knee moving assembly should be on the front side of the leg, once it is perpendicular to the ground

Strength adjustment: Rotate the knob clockwise to increase the strength, and the auxiliary device has three gears to choose from. When the number 1 is covered by the knob, it is level 1 as shown in

Figure 2; when the number 2 is covered, it is level 2; when the number 3 is covered, it is level 3.

Note: Do not use the maximum force in the initial stage to avoid the danger of falling!

Applicable people: These walking aids are suitable for the elderly who have unilateral paralysis due to illness, weak legs and feet, need to walk for a long time, and people who have walking inconvenience due to accidents



Effect: Release Pain From Illness
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Application: Leg
Product Weight: 1.05KG
Product Color: Black
Product Size: S/M/L

Package Included: 1 x Elderly Walking Support Tool

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