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Portable Rehabilitation Robotic Gloves

  • HIGH-TECH: robotic gloves combined with flexible robot technology, sensor technologies and neuroscience, Voxify's Hand Therapy Rehabilitation Gloves for kids are innovative, advanced & ideal home rehabilitation solutions for the patients who stay at home.
  • INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL APPROVALS: All stroke gloves are study-based and evidence-based, and have approved by authoritative medical certifications FDA & CE.
  • MULTIPLE THERAPY MODES: With stroke hand recovery robot gloves C10 model coming with improved softer robotic gloves, the patients can do task-oriented training, passive flexion&extension, mirror therapy, covering all stages of hand rehabilitation.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: soft robotic exoskeleton gloves are powered by air compression, with FDA&CE approvals, are safe, light-weight and easy to set up.
  • WIDELY-USED: robotic gloves are useful for hand dysfunction caused by stroke, hemiplegia, cerebral haemorrhage, cerebral infarction. Can bring hopes and make the patients’ life happier and easier.

New Hands, New Life.

Optimising Hand Rehabilitation!

Do you have the following Pain Points? It's time to have Hand Rehabilitation Robot Gloves!

Unable to eat/ dress himself independently

Unable to do rehabilitation training alone

Have no professional device when do rehabilitation training at home

rehabilitation robot gloves

When will you choose our stroke hand therapy equipment ?

  1. Unable to eat or dress yourself,you can use the rehabilitation robot gloves.
  2. Unable to do rehabilitation training alone, our hand exercisers for therapy can help you like a professional audience.
  3. There are no professional Physical Therapy Hand Exercisers at home.

The latest hand rehabilitation theory robotic gloves for stroke patients

Voxify's hand rehabilitation robot glove is suitable for the patients with hand dysfunction such as stroke, hemiplegia after cerebral infarction, peripheral nerve injury of hand, orthopaedic surgery, spinal cord injury, hand burn, children cerebral palsy, etc.

It combined with flexible robot technology and neuroscience, it can help patients master fingers flexion and extension, reduce hand muscle tension, relieve edema and stiffness, promote rehabilitation of brain nerve injury through exercise, improve hand activity and accelerate the rehabilitation of hand function.

Innovative Hands Mirror Training

Innovative Hands mirror training: the healthy side drives the affected hand, simultaneous movement of hands, activating mirror neurons, the motor nerve pathway of the normal healthy hand was copied to the affected hand.

finger rehabilitation gloves

Passive Flexion and Extension

Passive training: the power glove can drive the affected hand to flexion and extension in setting times and strength, besides the rehab glove can drive the affected hand to grasp small balls, water cups and other objects.

beggar rehabilitation robot gloves

ADLs Training

ADLs training: According to the three stages of sports learning, it is a medically proven effective rehabilitation training method to correct various factors influencing sports to achieve or close to normal biology.

smerora rehabilitation robot gloves

Instruction of Host

robot rehabilitation glove

Size Chart: please measure finger before order. Size is very important for Rehabilitation Training

  • The Color will be sent at random. We may send Bue or Orane at random.
  • The gloves are adjustable with velcro, fine hook and loop fasteners.

You can train your hands with the professional hand function recovery training accessories

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