Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

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Keeping you safe in Where you stay, at home or away.
Our Upgrade Secure Door Lock is designed to provide extra safety, security and privacy in your space.

It can be used on door bolts of all sizes and can be used on a wider range of properties. It is compact and lightweight, easy to take anywhere with you.

Portable Door Lock - Defend You and Unauthorized Entry

►At home alone

►Staying in a vacation rental or cabin

►Staying in a Hotel or an AirBNB

►In dorm

►Sharing an apartment with others

►Anywhere do you feel the need for extra personal security and privacy

Get extra security with Upgrade Secure Door Lock now!


[Designed for All Door Bolt Sizes]

Unlike the other portable door locks available, our portable lock has an improved design and can easily be used for bolted door locks of all sizes. Hence the secure lock can be used on a wider range of properties.

[Compact and Portable]

Our portable door lock is compact and can be easily carried in hand. Alternately, you can keep it in your pocket or easily carry it while on a business trip or leisure trip. Since it is more portable compared to other travel door locks available, it won't add to the luggage weight.


[Easy to Install]

This door security device is very easy to use because it can be installed on the door within seconds, without any tools.

[Safe in All Occasions]

The door security locks can be used for a wide variety of different occasions such as home, apartment, student dormitories, hotel, motels. Allows you to sleep peacefully, eliminates all kinds of interference, and allows you to do what you wish without being disturbed. It will provide extra privacy and security


Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Weight: 50g

Package Includes: 1x Upgrade Safe Door Lock

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