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Test at minus 20 degrees Celsius for 4 hours

Quick defrost in 20 minutes

Data report: Over the past decade, the United States has experienced an average of 5 or more major snowstorm events per year. The northern regions, such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Maine, have been the hardest hit. Snowstorms and ice accumulation on vehicles can have several negative effects, not only on the immediate travel and safety aspects but also on the long-term condition and service life of vehicles. include:

1.Mechanical Stress: The weight of accumulated snow and ice on a vehicle can put additional stress on its structural components. This stress can lead to bending or deformation of body panels, which may result in damage and reduce the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

2.Engine Strain: Frozen can cause the engine oil to become thicker, making it harder for the engine to start and function efficiently. Additionally,  can contribute to increased engine wear and reduced longevity.

3.Electrical System Issues: Snow and ice can affect a vehicle's electrical components, including sensors and wiring. Moisture from melting snow can lead to electrical problems, potentially causing issues with the vehicle's systems and reducing its lifespan.

Are you suffering from the difficulty of keeping your car clean during the fall and winter? For example, if the vehicle is covered with snow, the door is frozen, the window glass is frozen, it is difficult to start the vehicle, it may even cause mechanical problems, the vehicle is aging, etc.

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The climate problem is getting worse, Please prepare preventive measures in advance -TRemoval™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow Remover!

As climate issues continue to worsen, it is crucial to take proactive measures. Here are the latest solutions for 2023:

Extreme cold weather and blizzards can pose challenges to people's travel and safety. Here are some of the issues vehicles face when exposed to these harsh conditions: frozen door handles, snow-covered windshields, vehicle aging, and even cars buried under 1.3 meters of snow.

In either scenario, accessing your vehicle has become a challenging obstacle. However, there is now a marvelous solution - Removal™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow Remover. It can prevent your beloved vehicle from snow and ice accumulation during heavy snowfall while The Removal™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow. Remover is not only portable and aesthetically pleasing but also comes with two power supply modes: solar power and fast USB charging. It provides an economically efficient solution, allowing you to fully charge it in 2 hours in ample sunlight or quickly charge it in 15 minutes by connecting to a power source. A single charge can last for 1 month. It not only offers you efficient and safe heating but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Key technologies of Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Snow Removal Instrument

The electromagnetic energy in the composite frequency band can effectively affect the ice and snow in contact with the car body, making its molecular motion active, thereby rapidly melting the ice and snow on the car's surface. Moreover, this special composite frequency band only has a subtle impact on the movement of water molecules, truly achieving no radiation and no side effects on car materials or the human body.

In addition, an "Active Electron" was accidentally discovered in the laboratory. It can make the structure of water molecules less compact so that water will not solidify easily at low temperatures and maintain the active movement of water molecules. This ensures that the vehicle will not freeze in low-temperature environments for a long time.

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The Removal™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow Remover, when applied to your vehicle, utilizes kinetic energy generated by rotation to prevent water molecules from freezing and generates comfortable heat. During the cold winter months, when it detects the air temperature dropping too low, it automatically activates. Leveraging cutting-edge aerospace technology, it promptly melts the snow and ice covering your car. With it, you won't need to search for your vehicle in the snow on chilly mornings. It can be powered through either solar energy or fast USB charging, and just 15 minutes of charging can store enough energy for a month's use. The easy-to-install base makes it suitable for all vehicle types, whether it's a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV, an economy car, or even a motorhome, the Removal™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow Remover can be easily attached to any vehicle.

Let's take a look at how DOCTIA™ Nano Car Anti-Snow Defrost Hydrophobic Agent is transforming the lives of our customers!

Texas is hit by a winter storm! A few days after the blizzard hit, my house was covered in thick ice and snow, and even the windows were frozen. Unfortunately, after just one day, the roof was covered in thick icicles, making it difficult to get out. We had to spend a lot of time clearing away the snow and ice that had accumulated around my house. I feel lucky that I prepared this little lift for my car in advance. This snow never stays on my car. No trace is left. This lasted all winter and my car didn't get any annoying snow or ice, nor did the exterior of the vehicle suffer any damage or scratches. It's almost a miracle! This was definitely one of the smartest investments I have ever made, protecting my property and safety!

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐State of Texas, Morgan Gibson


I'm very happy to get this. It came in just in time for me to use during the ice storm that lasted the entire month. I'm a 74-year-old woman who lives alone and I don't have the energy or time to clean my car all morning and just go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Now, I get up every morning and get in my car like winter never came. My neighbors are still scraping thick ice and snow off their car windows, and I feel so bad that I’ll send each of them a link to purchase.

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London, Caleb Austin

What Makes Removal™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow Remover Instrument the Best Choice?

  • NASA's authoritative aerospace technology
  • Will not interfere with or affect in-car electronic devices
  • No radiation, no side effects on the human body
  • A comfortable temperature of 75°F And 360° All-Round Deicing
  • Stylish appearance and easy-to-install
  • Two power supply modes: solar power and 15-minute fast chargings
  • Preventing fogged car windows
  • The best heating options for scenarios like unexpected power outages,your car, the living room, office, outdoor work, parties, and adventures


Removal™ Solar Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze and Snow Remover 

Applicable models: all

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