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This machine is suitable for Bridge Size Playing Cards with a size of 88mm*57mm, if your playing card size is 88mm*63mm or others, it will not work! Please be sure to measure the size of your playing cards before placing an order.


Or when you order the machine, you can order a few decks of Bridge Size 88mm* 57mm Playing Cards in our store to ensure that the machine can be used normally.


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1. Can I set up a new dealing program by myself ?

Of course, our automatic playing card dealing machine already has more than 100 preset programs in the machine chip, if there is no programs that you want, you can easily connect the machine with your mobile phone through Bluetooth, and download the WeChat Application, scan QR code to set your own program. We will send you an instruction manual and will be more than happy to guide you, you can chat with us online now !


2. Can this machine deal plastic cards?

Yes. This machine is suitable for playing cards of various materials such as paper, plastic, PVC, etc.


3. Can this machine switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise dealing ways?

Yes. You can connect the machine with your mobile phone through Bluetooth to set it.


4. How many playing cards can this machine deal at most at one time?

432 playing cards.


5. How is the quality of this machine? Is its performance stable?

This is our 3rd generation product, it has both good quality and stable performance.







Automatic Playing Card Dealing Machine


Automatic Playing Card Dealing Machine Working voltage: DC 12v

Automatic Playing Card Dealing Machine Maximum number of players: 8 players

Automatic Playing Card Dealing Machine Maximum number of cards dealt: 8 decks (432 playing cards)

Automatic Playing Card Dealing Machine Suitable playing cards size: 88mm*57mm



1. This automatic playing card dealing machine is suitable for 88*57mm playing cards. Be sure to measure your playing card size before placing an order.

2. We found that some customers just placed an order for a special power bank, but did not buy a playing card dealing machine. Please be sure to choose the right product.

3. The playing card dealing machine has a power adapter, which is 12V3A; the power bank also has a power adapter, which is 12.6V1A. Please do not confuse two power adapters during use.



If you have wholesale and bulk purchasing needs, please feel free to contact our online customer service colleagues, or send an email to We can customize products according to your needs, including adding or removing the function of the machine, adjusting the size of the it, customizing your exclusive packaging, printing your brand logo, and so on. We have professional foreign trade colleagues who will send you a quotation as soon as possible.



This automatic playing card dealer machine is configured with a normal power adapter. We have various power adapters for different countries, please choose the correct plug. It aslo can be equipped with a special power bank, so that it can be used at any time, but you need to buy it additionally.

STEP1: According to the rules of playing cards, find the corresponding preset dealing methods, and then toggle the button to select the correct playing card dealing method number.

STEP 2: Turn on the power switch, the power indicator lights up, hear a beep, and the machine enters the standby state.

STEP 3: Put the playing cards into the machine, make sure that the palying cards are neat and the edges of them are not tilted up.

STEP 4: Flip down the joystick, hold down the playing cards, and the machine will start to deal playing cards automatically.

STEP 5: After the playing cards are dealt, a beep is heard.



As shown in the pictures below, we have preset 164 different commonly used dealing methods to deal playing cards, you just need to choose the one you need when you play with it.


If the dealing program you need is not reflected in the picture, you can set it by yourself.The method is as follows.


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